Fire Resistance of Bamboo Fiber Reinforced SCC with GGBS and Alccofine Partially in Place of Cement


  • S. Kavitha Associate Professor, ACS College of Engineering, Bangalore, India
  • T. Felix Kala Dean, Dr. M.G.R Educational Research Institute, Chennai, India



Fire Résistance, Alccofine, GGBS, FRC, high strength, Self Compacted concrete


Fire accidents have become a common occurrence which results in loss of lives and property, in preliminary stage while selecting material and designing, the performance of every structure against condition of fire has to be considered. The fire resistance is important durability characteristic which evaluate the quality of the material. In this investigation, fire resistance capacity of the NSCC with GGBS and alccofine and the BFRSCC with GGBS and alccofine is evaluated by considering the weight and strength parameters before and after exposing to the temperatures of 200 ͦC, 400 ͦC, 600 ͦC, 800 ͦC and 1000 ͦC for one hour duration. The test for assessing compressive strength for 150mm x 150mm x 150mm concrete requires cube of and allowed in water for 28 days. The bamboo fibers of 1% (length to diameter ratio=40) of 4.9 mm measurement lengthwise to the mass of cement are mixed to the SCC where cement is partially placed with 30% of GGBS along with 10% Alccofine. As noted from the results the strength decreased by increasing the temperatures. Less strength is decreased at lesser elevated temperatures but massive reduction occurred in the higher elevated temperatures. The weight and compressive strength of the material has minor reduction till 800oc which is acceptable as a building material.