Computer Aided Screening Method for Diabetes using Thermogram


  • Gayatri Joshi Assistant Professor, Department of BME, ACSCE, Bangalore, India
  • Punal M Arabi HOD & Professor, Department of BME, ACSCE, Bangalore, India



Screening, CAD, Diabetes, Thermal images, Mean pixel intensity


Diabetes is a chronic disease occurring due to insufficient production of insulin by the pancreas or the body’s ineffective usage of the insulin produced. The former leads to Type 1 diabetes whereas the latter leads to Type 2. diabetes is estimated to have affected 422 million people globally and 69.2 million people in India annually. Diabetes if left untreated can cause serious health complications such as peripheral nerve dysfunction, diabetic retinopathy, diabetic foot and also doubles the risk of early death, thus making early diagnosis very essential for better disease management, thus improving the quality of life of the patient.

This papers aims at proposing a non invasive method to diagnose diabetes which is based on the thermoregulation of the peroneal blood vessel. The thermograms of the peroneal vessel after a cold stress are obtained and the mean pixel intensities are found and analyzed. The results found show the feasibility diabetic screening using this method.